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Newbee?  New to Beekeeping?

We have had so many new beekeepers take up the vocation and interest this year in 2014 that we thought it prudent to post a link got FAQ on how to handle our new bees and hives....

Go to Kelley Beekeeping for Newbees FAQ ....

A short list of some website links that we like:  


Kansas State University Swarm List  Honeybee Swarms in Kansas
A club member will be more than happy to remove your un-welcomed swarm. 
Please contact us.  
2014 Swarm Association List - pending April 2014.

Almost everything about Bees & Beekeeping (it's really good!)  Bad Beekeeping

A great guide from the NE part of the USA Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research & Extension Consortium

Books! The Best in Selection for Quality Books on Beekeeping  Wicwas Press
Bee & Honey Information (German)  Honigbienen

The best local info on Elderberries  Elderberry Edge

Propolis Information (German)  Propolis

A great FAQ source for new beekeepers from our Kentucky friends  Kelley Bees

Our KS Home State Association in Kansas  Kansas Honey Producers Association

Local Missouri Beeks - Our Neighbors to our East  Midwestern Beekeepers Association 

Missouri's State Association  Missouri State Beekeepers Association

Go Cats!  Kansas State University Research and Extension

Go Jayawks! Our Own Dr. Chip Taylor's Passion  Monarch Watch!

Discover the Natural Wonders of Honey  National Honey Board

NE neighbor beekeeping info  University of Nebraska, Beekeeping and Apiculture 
NE Husker Beekeepers Assn Nebraska Beekeepers Association

New South Wales Aussie Governmental Resources Australian Govt Beekeeper Information
Scientific Beekeeping Information by Randy Oliver

Soapers! Our favorite source for essential oils in beeswax soap-making  Majestic Mountain Sage
Sooner Beekeepers Oklahoma State Beekeepers

Spokane, Washington Bee Association for the NW  lnland Empire Beekeepers Association

Sooner Beekeepers Oklahoma State Beekeepers

Stark Bros - buy plants that bloom and trees that provide fruit   Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards 

Keep that Fruit Coming Year after Year  Pruning Fruit Trees (K-State)

Queens! East-Central PA "Susquehanna Valley Beekeepers"  have an awesome Queen Rearing Calendar

Individual members' personal beekeeping websites

Please contact us to have your site added. *

(*member of NEKBA, KHPA, or MidwesternBA)

Robert Burns, Shawnee Mission, KS  (website)

Cecil Sweeney & Joli Winer, Spring Hill, KS  (website)

A few of our local Farmer's Markets

Looking for local honey or a local beekeeper? Farmers' Markets are generally a great place to find one.

Atchison Farmers' Market

Brookside Farmers' Market

Emporia Farmers' Market

Lawrence Farmers' Market

Kansas City Farmers' Market 

Leavenworth Farmers' Market 

Manhattan KS Farmers' Market

Merriam Farmers' Market 

Louisburg Farmers' Market

Olathe Farmers' Market 

Ottawa Farmers' Market

Overland Park Farmers' Market

Paola Farmers' Market  

Pittsburg Farmers' Market

Perry LeCompton Farmers' Market

Rosedale Farmers' Market 

Shawnee Farmers' Market

Topeka Farmers' Market

Westport Plaza Farmers' Market

(*most, if not all, can be found on FB, too)  Not on FaceBook?  Consider it.....

National Beekeeping Supply Dealers

Betterbee "Partners in Beekeeping"   Greenwich, NY  
(website) (FB)
Brushy Mountain    Moravian Falls, NC & New Columbia, PA  
(website)  (FB)
Dadant & Sons    Hamilton, IL & Branches  
(website)  (FB)
Glorybee Beekeeping & Foods  Eugene, OR  (website)  (FB)
Mann Lake     Hackensack, MN & Branches  (website)  (FB)
Rossman Apiaries, Moultrie, GA    (website)   (FB)  
Walter T. Kelley Co     Clarkson, KY  (website)  (FB)

Beekeeping & Municipal Codes 

It is reasonable, far-sighted, and part of the bigger picture to recognize that beekeeping is a safe, historical, traditional, educational, and valuable activity that benefits the environment and food supply way beyond just honey and pollination.

If you are interested in keeping bees in your community, you will need to check your municipal code to determine if bees are allowed. To check you municipal code, simply type ” ___ municipal code” in your search engine (___ is your municipality/county name).

Click on the link and then conduct a search for "bees" or "beekeeping".    If there are any bans/restrictions, they should display. There are many communities that have adopted reasonable restrictions on urban beekeeping.
If you have any updates to this list, please contact us.

Links to the municipal code for these communities may be found here:
1.  CIty of Overland Park, Kansas  (see TITLE 06 - Animals, 6.14 Beekeeping)  (Municipal Code) 
2.  City of Spokane, Washington.  (Municipal Code)
3.  Fort Collins, Colorado (Municipal Code)
4.  City of Kansas City, Missouri (Municipal Code)

(pending further updates, 2/18/2014,rjb). 

Local NEKBA Bee Supply Dealers
Honey & Bee Supply Dealers (Adds paid to the association)


We carry a complete line of beekeeping supplies including woodenware, smokers, extractors, books, queens, package bees and containers. We will trade wax for supplies. Our hours are Mon., Tues., Thursday& Friday (closed Wednesday) 10:30-5:30 and by appointment. We appreciate when you call your orders in ahead. Joli Winer/Cecil Sweeney.

Heartland Honey and Beekeeping Supplies

19201 S Clare Rd. Spring Hill KS 66083. (913) 856-8356

(email)              (website) 


We carry a complete line of beekeeping supplies. See us for your woodenware, smokers, containers, foundation extractors, beekeeping books, queens and package bees. We also have extractors for rent. We will trade your wax for supplies. Our hours are 9:00-5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, Saturdays after 8:30 a.m. You should call in advance to make sure we are here.

ED FISHER 4005 N.E. 132nd Street, Smithville MO 64089 816-532-4698


For Sale: White Clover honey strained in 5 gallon buckets.  We will pack it in your jars for an extra fee.  Bee equipment, new and used. Jars, foundation, bears, comb honey, used extractors.  Bees: frames of  brood . Corn syrup or sugar by the 5 gallon bucket or barrel.   If you need it, we probably have what you want.  Raymond Cooper, 220 N Elm, Iola KS 66749.  Call: 620-365-5956 after 8:00 p.m.    

JORDY’S HONEY   Overland Park, KS

We carry a full line of beekeeping supplies. Bee Hives, Supers, Frames, Foundation, Honey Containers, Smokers, Beekeeping Books, Queens,  Packaged Bees, and much more.

Our hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday-Friday and weekends by appointment. Please call in advance so we can have your supplies ready when you arrive.

Robert Hughes, 12333 Wedd Street, Overland Park, KS 66213

PHONE: 913-681-5777


DRAPER'S SUPER BEE       Auburn,  NE

We offer fast and courteous service to all beekeepers. We sell all the supplies for beekeeping, plus bees, queens, and honey for those who run short. Order is shipped the same day as received in most cases. Free catalog available on request. Pick up orders at our warehouse must be pre-ordered and picked up by appointment only.

Business hours: Mon.-Thur. 8-5; closed from 12-1.

PHONE: (402) 274-3725. Brenda and Larry Draper,

DRAPER'S SUPER BEE,  914 S St. Auburn NE 68305

  (Last updated 04/04/2014, rjb)

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