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NEKBA Honey Extractor Rental Program
Need to extract your honey? You can rent the club's radial & motorized honey extractor for a nominal $30 fee, available to current and active association members. Please read the Rules & Info and review the reservation list for openings. Send a reservation request via email to: We'll get back to you asap.  2-day rental limit.

Our current Paypal setup is still useable but we are working on an updated format. You may continue to utilize it until further updates are published. Until February 16th, save $10 on the bee class registration, using either PayPal or by sending your payment thru the mail.

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We are building a knowledgeable beekeeping community through fellowship, events, and classes. more 

  • Closed until May 2016 !!
  • 1st Monday of each new month thru Sept.
  • 7:00PM Meet at Joli's & Cecil's house

  • Inspect a couple of different hives

  • Bring your own protection

  • Weather Permitting

  • 19201 S Clare Rd., Spring Hill KS 66083

  • call 913-856-8356

  • or email

  • $10 donation to NEKBA Scholarship Fd

(You will need Adobe Acrobat to view some documents. Please click on the link below to download a free copy.)

We are excited to have Dr. Diana Sammataro as our 2016 keynote class instructor on March 6, 2016. Review a sample of the class book (.pdf download)

Looking for a place get bees from a local source this spring?? 

Package Bees for 2016     Call now to pre-order:   913-856-8356

Contact Heartland Honey & Beekeeping Supply for pick-up only in Spring Hill, KS (near Gardner) in Johnson County.  Reservations must be made by phone.  For more information, please see their Heartland Honey (website). Pick-up Day will be in early April 2016.  Serving the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area-wide as well as Kansas and Missouri. Check out our list of local suppliers for equipment, bees and queens.  

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Other interests for new beekeepers

NE KS Beekeepers Purchase Options

Now is the perfect time to get started in beekeeping! One of 2 big educational events that we sponsor will be taking place in early March 2016.   See our class page for more information on our classes offered on March 6th and 13th, 2016 in Lawrence, Kansas.   Hope to see you there!

cool Calculator spreadsheet for syrup mixing

Trying to work out the sugar-to-water ratio (1:1 or 2:1) for feeding sugar syrup to your bees?  Here's a link to a spreadsheet calculator. (Page Link)​  Downlaod and save the calculator for future reference. Working on an update for a 1:2 ratio.

getting started?

What equipment should I get? How much does it cost? Here is an idea to get you started for the 1st year. (.pdf download 54KB)

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Looking for a Beekeeping Class this Spring 2016? 

The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association has a more than 66-year legacy of supporting beekeeping in the Mid-West. Learn more about us

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Attention: Varroa Mites will kill your colony more than any other problem!. Yes, it's that important to test and know your mite load. A simple powdered-sugar roll will let you know. The U of MN supported Bee Squad has an excellent way to test your mite load using the powdered sugar roll method.  All the equipment you need for a complete testing kit. Get it today! University of Minnesota Bee Squad.  Varroa Mite Testing Kit (click site link) 

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For honey bees and beekeepers, we give each season our best effort in making an indispensable contribution to our rich and healthy environment. It is not just because we have a special delicacy but due to our passion and responsibility to the world in which we all live.