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Honey Extractor Rental Program  RE-OPENING July 2019
Need to extract your honey? You can rent the club's radial & motorized honeyextractor for a nominal $30 fee (2 days), available to current and active association members. Please read the Rules & Info and review the most current extractor reservations (as-of 09/12/2018). Next, send a reservation request via emal to: We'll get back to you asap.  2-day rental limit. The club extractor holds up to six (6) medium (6 5/8" Illinois-sized super) frames only - sorry but this will not accommodate larger (deep) frame sizes.

Bee FEED SYRUP MIXING Calculator spreadsheet 

Trying to work out the sugar-to-water ratio (1:1 or 2:1) for feeding sugar syrup to your bees?  Here's a link to a spreadsheet calculator. (Page Link)​  Download and save the calculator for future reference.

Just Getting started?

What equipment should I get? How much does it cost?  Here is an idea for items to get you started for the 1st year. (download .pdf2018 or .xlsx2018) You can use this information to keep track of the equipment you'll need. 

NEKBA is your Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers' Association.

Welcome, and thank you for exploring our site. Check out what's happening locally for beekeepers on our FB group site, what's going in our hives, and what's blooming in your backyards. Come back soon.

Honey production and pollination services increase significantly, and so does beekeeper enjoyment and honey bee health in general, by improving regional and independent beekeeping practices through better husbandry and recognition skills of diseases and pest problems as well as and better colony management.

Beekeeping is an increasingly popular, enjoyable, and deliciously rewarding hobby. As a local association, we offer you some advice on how to continue and get started in 2019. The association connects you with other beekeepers, and supports a common effort to promote and protect bees, and the beekeeping industry, of which we are all a part.


Bee Culture Magazine        American Bee Journal

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Our state affiliate, The Kansas Honey Producers' (Kansas State Beekeepers') Assoc and their newsletter August 2018 "The Cappings (3rd Quarter).

The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association has a more than 71 year legacy of supporting beekeeping from 1948 through 2019. Learn more about us.  2018 was our Platinum Jubilee !!! 

From the Treasurer's report in the January1969 'Buzzer', it shows the association sponsored a county fair way back in August of 1968 where $20.00 was paid for the booth fee. Fair prize money was paid out in September 1968. Go the the bottom of the newsletter page to read.We know there are beekeepers in other counties like Atchison, Miami, Douglas, Dickinson, Shawnee and more that may want to go in as a group and represent the association in providing education and interest in honey and other bee products. Let us know how we can help you in this endeavor for 2019. The organization has supported subsidized) several local fairs for local beekeepers interested in selling honey and educating about beekeeping since prior to 1993. Some of these were the Wyandotte, Johnson, and Leavenworth Co. fairs, the Kansas City Flower Lawn and Garden Show. (pg 5, Feb. 1993, NEKBA Buzzer). 

​​​​​​Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association

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2019 kansas honey producers MARCH meeting!

(Kansas' state beekeepers


An evening meeting is just not enough sometimes. Join us for a 2-day bee conference for all levels and commercial as well as hobbyist. Meeting March 8 & 9, 2019 in Lawrence, KS  (Friday & Saturday)Organizers are busy planning.We have two (2) key-note speakers coming and others! We will have some 'work shop' presentations. See you there after another exciting beekeeping harvesting year!  

Our most recent NEKBA newsletter ...January2019 "Buzzer" Happy New Year !!    

Next club meeting on Monday, January 14, 2019 in Lawrence, KS !

NEKBA 2019 Membership Form (download) to print & mail.

SINCE 1948    2018 is our 70th or

                            our Platinum Jubilee!


For honey bees and beekeepers, we give each season our best effort in making an indispensable contribution to our rich and healthy environment. It is not just because we have a special delicacy but due to our passion and responsibility to the world in which we all live.

Leavenworth County Fair 2019

It was great having you come see our NEKBA Leavenworth County Beekeepers in action as they demonstrated extracting and selling honey directly at the grounds inside with A/C, of course! The 2019 fair will be from Tuesday thru Saturday, July 30th thru August 3rd, 2019, at the fairgrounds in Tonganoxie, Kansas  405 W 4th St, Tonganoxie, KS 66086   (more LVCO info)  (FB page)  The Fair Dates for the next three years are
July 30 - Aug. 3, 2019, July 28 - Aug. 1, 2020, and July 27 - July 31, 2021.

Johnson County Fair 2018

Fair is always a family event- even watching livestock! Monday, July 31th thru Saturday, August 6th, 2018. Thanks for visiting our beekeeping booth! It always a warm (hot) few days. (more JOCO info)  "Come have a 'Squealing' Good Time" -the 2018 JOCO Fair theme.  (FB page)


CLOSED for 2018 - (seasonal event)

  • 4/23, 5/14, 6/11, 7/09, and 8/13/2018, 
  • 6:00PM Meet at Joli's & Cecil's house

  • Inspect a couple of different hives

  • Bring your own protection

  • Weather Permitting

  • 19201 S Clare Rd., Spring Hill KS 66083

  • please call 913-593-3562 or email so we'll know how many to expect for the session

  • $10 donation to NEKBA Scholarship Fd

  • Veterans are exempt for the $10 donation

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BEE class 2019

We are building a knowledgeable beekeeping community through fellowship, classes, and events.  (class page)

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The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association is a 501(c)5 non-profit organization.