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Honey production and pollination services increase significantly, and so does beekeeper enjoyment and honey bee health in general, by improving regional and independent beekeeping practices through better husbandry and recognition skills of diseases and pest problems as well as and better colony management.

Honey Extractor Rental Program  OPEN  July 2019

Need to extract your honey?  Congratulations! 


You can rent the club's radial &motorized honey extractor for a nominal $30 fee (2 days), available to current and active association members.

1) Please read the Rules & Info.

2) Review the most current Reservation List (as-of 09/06/2019).

3) Next, send a reservation request via emal to: 


We'll get back to you asap.  Please try to keep to the 2-day rental limit as others may be in need of the extractor, although there is some flexibility if there is no immediate need. 


The club extractor holds up to six (6) medium (6 5/8" Illinois-sized super) frames only - very sorry but this extractor will not accommodate larger (deep) frame sizes.

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