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Of course, most everyone might be familiar with The Weather Channel. Use this (link) to get up-to-the date forecast and weather information. Enter your zip code, location, or place to get Almanac information as shown below. Quick access to today's forecast, the 10 day forecast, hourly forecast, specialty forecasts and their most popular maps.

One of our favorite California and scientific beekeepers, Randy Oliver, as article on bees and weather, under the category of  Bees, Aging & Thermo-regulation (link), titled Old Bees/ Cold Bees/ No Bees  Part I, about honey bees and weather. Keep in mind, he lives in northern California, where they have a 'Mediterranean Climate'. We are on the same attitude but different climate & weather.  Thanks, Randy. Very nice work!  See you in Grass Valley, CA

Enjoy the article!  Oh, and if you really appreciate his work like we do, please consider a donation on his website.

Thank you.

Looking for an accurate weather forecast that goes out more than a week? WeatherTrends360 meteorologists use proprietary technology to create YEAR-AHEAD global weather predictions with 80% accuracy (independent auditor verified).  WEATHER TRENDS (link)      

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