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Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers' Association Bee Funday

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2023 keynote speakers
Dr. Jamie ElliS

A Year in the Life of a Honey Bee Colony and Recognizing and Addressing Queen Events
Dr. Judy Wu-Smart.   The Why, When's, and How's of Comb Replacement 
Dr. Autumn Smart.   Reproduction, Mating, Swarming, Life of a Queen 
Honey Bee Anatomy and Functional Morphology 

Dinner catered by
Glory Days Pizza.  Dinner is $15.00
(when available: Please put a checkbox on the website to indicate a gluten free option

Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association

The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association is a 501(c)5 non-profit organization.

Types of Presentations: 

Presentation Types

VA = Value Added
These presentations provide instruction on making the most of your bee products.  
Topics might include how to make candles, soaps, lip balms, beauty products, creamed honey, mead or how to harvest pollen or cook with honey and more.

PA = Practical Application
These presentations provide information that will address problems or situations which you can adopt immediately to make yourself a more efficient and better informed beekeeper.  Topics might include techniques for controlling hive beetles, varroa mites, beehive placement, extracting honey and wax, making splits, queen introduction, beehive inspections, reading the frames, finding the queen, swarm baiting and catching and more.

SI = Science Intensive
These presentations will discuss some of the latest scientific research regarding honey bees and their world. 
Topics may include genetics, honey bee biology, morphology, pheromones, IPM (integrated pest management) practices, queen rearing, drone behavior and more.

GI = General Interest
These presentations might include information regarding improving local pollinator sources, marketing honey and honey products, pesticide use and more.

KF = Kid Friendly
These activities teach kids about bees in a fun and friendly way.  Parents are always invited to attend.

​​About the Event: How did it come about???

The name " Bee FunDay" came about in the early 1990's from hosting these small early summer bee events at a local farm. Members of the association got together for the event to have fun, and expand their learning from just a monthly meeting. The even has gown in numbers over the years. It has always been a way for members to bond in addition to learning other things about beekeeping that might not be covered in a monthly educational meeting.  In 2015, we had over 300 in attendance.   Join us at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.


The very first Bee Funday event was held on a Sunday, June 5th, 1994, at the grounds of the Agricultural Hall of Fame in Bonner Spring, KS. The next was held at the home of Joli Winer and Cecil Sweeney. The association held it's annual Watermelon Feed and Honey Judging Contest in the month of September. 

BEE FunDAy 2023- See you June 3, 2023 !!!  


It's our annual educational and fun event for beekeepers and non-beekeepers alike. Join us! Details are still being worked out for 2023.




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