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​The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association is a 501(c)5 non-profit organization.

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​How can you spend those cold short days of winter?  Snuggle up somewhere warm and read!  The Northeast Kansas Beekeepers Association owns more than 300 books on a variety of subjects of interest to beekeepers.  You can check out a book from this diverse library for a month at a time.  We just ask you to return them the following month.​  

Your library also contains several children’s books such as The Beeman and Ms. Frizzle’s Class Goes to a Beehive, great teaching tools for children.  Check out some of these if you are planning a presentation for you kids. We also have a variety of cookbooks and mead making books, as well as wax crafting informational books.   

Come and visit your library!  You are guaranteed to find something of interest to you!

If you have had a book for more than a month or for several, please return it so other members can enjoy it.  We firmly request that any books you have had checked out for several months be returned.  We want to keep our library well stocked with great information for our members. 

Books Out on Loan as of 12/27/2015: (pending update Feb2019).

Here's a list of members & books (download 11KB)  that are in need of being returned to the library.

Please be considerate, and contact the Librarian to arrange for an extension.

Or even better, bring them back so someone else can check it out.

NEKBA Library Update by Marlene Pantos  December 27, 2015 ​(pending update Feb2019)

Thank you for your interest in membership to the Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers’ Association.  Welcome aboard!   One of our greatest assets besides our members is our library of books and videos related to bees and beekeeping.  These can be checked out for free at our regular monthly meetings for a monthly term.

​Your library contains books of a wide variety of subjects of interest to beginning beekeepers as well as those of you who’ve kept bees for many years.  One such title is The Beekeeper’s Bible.  This thick reference book covers many subjects, including beekeeping history, understanding the honeybee, practical beekeeping, honey and bee products, and recipes and home crafts.  There are also many color photos, with basic instructions such as lighting your smoker and placing your hives.  Recipes include such enticing titles as Curried Honey Sweet Potato Soup (p. 308) and Spiced Honey Hummus (p. 313).  Find out about bee venom therapy, royal jelly, pollen and propolis.  This book is great as a general reference for beginners and experts alike.​

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