Next regular meeting is Monday,  October 16, 2023 7pm in-person! ...Check the Buzzer newsletter! We have posted our most current Video Listing. Be sure to 'subscribe' to our YouTube channel for when we do go public with the files! Looking for KHPA "Value-added"?

NEKBA 75th Anniversary

September's meeting topic:  MAIN PROGRAM:  "Backyard beekeeping, home-based businesses and the Kansas Constitution. How they're related and why they matter." Sam MacRoberts from the Kansas Justice Institute will be our guest speaker for October.  Sam is General Counsel and Litigation Director for KJI and is a beekeeper himself.  He was part of the recent litigation in Ottawa, KS.  This is a meeting you won't want to miss.."  Watch for the monthly newsletter in early September. 

Beekeeping can be a life-long endeavor.  We hope you'll continue to stay with us for all the benefits. Maintaining your membership & financial support is easy. Online: Use the PayPal option prompt. By Mail: print and mail using the 2023 Membership Form.  Thank you!

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Handouts:  Beeswax Soap-Making  September 2021 by  Becky Tipton

Handouts: KHPAMaking Liquid Foaming Soap Instructions and Honey Shampooby  Robin Kolterman

Our state affiliate, The Kansas Honey Producers' (Kansas State Beekeepers) Assoc and their newsletter 3rd Quarter July 2023 "Cappings"  (3rd Quarter 2023).                                                                  

Mentoring at Joli & Cecils, Spring Hill, KS:

  • Inspect a couple of different colonies
  • Bring your own protection
  • Weather Permitting, 4th Thursday of the month
  • Meet @ 6:00pm at the home of Joli & Cecil: 19201 S Clare Rd, Spring Hill KS.
  • Please call 913-856-8356 or email Joli, so we'll know how many to expect for the session.
  • 22 June, 27 July,  24 August, 28 September.

Are you listed? Sign up here for BeeCheck (formerly DriftWatch). It's a free mapping program. Beekeepers and pesticide applicators need to work together to protect apiaries.

Questions re Shawnee North CC meetings? Pls email: Becky Tipton

Classes held 3rd Wednesday of each month: 6:30-8pm.

The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association has a more than 75-year legacy of supporting beekeeping from 1948 through 2023. Learn more about us.  2023 is our Diamond Jubilee !! 

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Beekeeping can be a life-long endeavor. We hope you'll continue to stay with us for all the benefits and enjoyment of getting out with nature. Membership and re-newal is easy Online: Use the PayPal option (above) to register and re-new Or by Mail: print and mail using the

2023 Membership Form. We'll be letting you know when you are up for renewal. 

Thank you! Have a great bee-season for 2023!. 

NEKBA Open Apiary, Lawrence, KS:

  • Inspect up-to four of different colonies
  • Bring your own protection; Weather Permitting
  • Meet @: Pendleton's Country Market, 1446 E 1850 Rd, Lawrence, KS. (use GPS if needed).
  • 24 June 9:00-11:00am, Robert Burns-hosted. 
  • 01 July 9:00-11:00am Kristi Sanderson-hosted.
  • ​22 July 9:00-11:00am Matt Brandes-hosted.
  • ​26 August 9:00-11:00am Matt Brandes-hosting.​

​​​​​​Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association

The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association is a 501(c)5 non-profit organization.

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Great Plains Master Beekeeping Program 
There is a new program for Best-management practice beekeeping. The program overs beekeepers in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Learn the benefits and reasons to join. To participate, one needs to join GPMB. It's free to begin and it's easy. Learn more information about the program

Special KHPA Series:  Extracting More $$$ from your Hives

Extracting More $$$ from your Hives- these new, Free, Value-Added programs will be presented on the 3rd Thursday of each month.  It is being sponsored by the Kansas Honey Producers Association.  To register for this FREE presentation, use the link below.  You will get an invitation link for the live presentation sent to you by email. ​ Please register in advance for this free meeting: (Link). After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Program: When do you need a certified kitchen? What to do to get one and Legal Labels- weights and measures- Maybe a longer meeting to include getting product development help from K-State?


LEARN, SUPPORT, subscribe

We offer region specific knowledge, and support for all levels. Join, renew, register, subscribe! more

2023 kansas honey producers Association November meeting!    (Kansas state beekeepers

 A monthly meeting is just not enough sometimes? 

Join us for our semi-annual bee conference for all levels and commercial as well as hobbyist. Next meeting - Friday & Saturday, November 10&11, 2023. Organizers are busy planning.We will have some 'work shop' presentations. Join us for another exciting beekeeping harvesting year!  (KHPA link). Two full DAYs of bee topics and education.  

The Kansas State Fair is coming up. We depend on volunteers. Please consider taking a shift or two with Sign-up Genius link. The fair dates are September 8 - 17, 2023 in Hutchinson, Kansas. See you at the fair!

Our most recent NEKBA newsletter ... 2023 September "Buzzer" & 2023 September "What's Blooming".  Join, re-new, or register on-line via PayPal.  

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Yes! There are honey bee magazines for beekeepers! 

We all need a little extra help in keeping our bees going. Good beekeepers stay up-to-date with publications, meetings, and more!


Bee Culture Magazine (link)        American Bee Journal (link)

For annual subscription rates average of just $2.30 or $2.66 per month, this is fantastic information is right at your finger tips. It's important to keep up-to-date with the trends in biology, honey processing, and more!

Plenty of informative how-to articles, bee biology, and market up-dates. Regular contributors help you to learn to keep your bees healthy. Subscribe on-line (Bee Culture) or through the association (discount on ABJ only). Don't miss out! 

​Get the latest news.

SINCE 1948    

2023 is our association's 75th milestone year!​   EXPLORING THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF BEEKEEPING  TOGETHER

For honey bees and beekeepers, we give each season our best effort in making an indispensable contribution to our rich and healthy environment. It is not just because we have a special delicacy but due to our passion and responsibility to the world in which we all live.

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Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers



NEKBA Link to Class page 

Monday, October 16th meeting is in-person in Lawrence, KS 7pm - see the newsletter for topic info...

Beekeeping is an increasingly popular, enjoyable, and deliciously rewarding hobby. As a local association, we offer you some advice on how to continue and get started in 2023. The association connects you with other beekeepers, and supports a common effort to promote and protect bees, and the beekeeping industry, of which we are all a part.

NEKBA to print & mail Membership Form 2023 & NEKBA Benefits

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Handouts: Propolis for Personal Use

December 2022 presentation by  EAS Cindy Hodges

Have you heard about our mentoring and Open Apiary programs? Thanks to generous funding through the Great Plains Master Beekeeping Program, we have been able to start an apiary just outside of Lawrence. Find out more information about mentoring and the Open Apiary 2023 dates and locations here. Last Date September 18 - check the calendar at the top!

Bee FEED SYRUP MIXING Calculator spreadsheet 

Trying to work out the sugar-to-water ratio (1:1 or 2:1) for feeding sugar syrup to your bees?  Here's a link to a spreadsheet calculator.​  Download and save the calculator for future reference. Did you know that sugar syrup is the absolute best solution to feed your bees? Sucrose (table sugar) is a 50/50 blend of fructose and glucose. 

Just Getting started in 2023?

What equipment should I get? How much does it cost?  

Here is an outline of items to get you started for the 1st year. (download .pdf2023 or .xlsx2023) Use this information to keep track of the equipment you'll need. 

NEKBA is your Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers' Association.

Welcome, and thank you for exploring our site. Check out what's happening locally for beekeepers on our FB group site, what's going in our hives, and what's blooming in your backyards. Come back soon.

Honey production and pollination services increase significantly, and so does beekeeper enjoyment and honey bee health in general, by improving regional and independent beekeeping practices through better husbandry and recognition skills of diseases and pest problems as well as and better colony management.

Welcome to beekeeping!

Keeping honey bees can be a fascinating hobby with many benefits to you, your community, the planet, and the bees! Getting started can be summarized in a few steps:
Get educated; join a bee group; take some classes. Do some reading.  Find a location.  Decide on the type of equipment you want. Find a source for bees. Manage your hive.

Why beekeeping? It’s the back-to-nature hobby that has many people buzzing. Honey bees are an interesting and exciting social insect. Besides pollination, making honey for food, and beeswax, how bees live, work, and reproduce has intrigued humans since before recorded history.

Education is the most important step to successful beekeeping and will greatly increase your chances of enjoying a long and happy relationship with your bees. A bee class is invaluable for getting good basics. Even longtime beekeepers are sometimes challenged by new problems and are learning throughout their time with the bees.

The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers’ Association has a great mixture of beginners, hobbyists, and well-seasoned beekeepers. There are so many different areas of knowledge that at first it can be daunting. Do not despair, and remember that there is more than one right way to do things. So, what are you waiting for?

NEKBA Newsletter & Document Archive (newsletter page link)  

BEE class 2023

We are building a knowledgeable beekeeping community through fellowship, classes, and events.  (bee class page)

Handouts: Elderberry Jelly Recipe  October 2022 presentation by  Robert Burns

welcome beekeepers

Kansas Honey Producers Fair Booth 2023 - September 8-17, 2023

Thank you to all involved at the State Fair and Booth. We would sure love to have you! Help us at the KHPA Honey Booth. It's easy to schedule using  Sign-Up Genius (link). We depend on volunteers. The fair dates are September 8 - 17, 2023 in Hutchinson, Kansas. See you at the Kansas State Fair! More info on the link...

The results are in!  2022 Kansas State Fair - Kansas Honey Producers Assn winners!

Judging has taken place and the results checked and verified and available in PDF format for downloading.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event so great for 2022.