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What is the timeline for Queen rearing?

A queen should emerge 16 days after the egg was laid, or 13 days after the egg developes into a larva. If a larva 24-36 hours old is grafted, a young queen will emerge 12-11 days later.

If cells are left too long in the cell-building colony and a young queen emerges — she will destroy all the other cells. Therefore, ripened queen cells need to be removed from the builder colony prior to the day of emergence to avoid the chance of an emerging queen wreaking havoc on the other queen cells. 

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Announcing a special workshop in May 2024 for queen-rearing. 

This workshop will consist of 2.5 days of class room and hands-on experience, instructed by University of MN, Gary Reuter. The class sessions will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Mother's Day), May  10-12, 2024. You must contact either Joli Winer (email)  (Mobile: 913-593-3562) or Kristi Sanderson (email) (Mobile: 913-768-4961) to enroll in this workshop. This workshop is limited to 24 participants. There is a cost of $250.00 check, payable to NEKBA (Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Assn). Details are outlined below in the flyer. 

This workshop is expected to fill-up quickly, so register early. As-of 20-March-2024, there are 15 of 24 openings currently available. This class is limited.

WELCOME to our Workshop Page. On this page, you'll find a brief description of our workshops and special class events. 

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