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Beekeeping & Municipal Codes 
It is reasonable, far-sighted, and part of the bigger picture to recognize that beekeeping is a safe, historical, traditional, educational, and valuable activity that benefits the environment and food supply way beyond just honey and pollination.

If you are interested in keeping bees in your community, you will need to check your municipal (city) code to determine if bees are allowed. To check you municipal code, simply type ” _____ municipal code” in your search engine  (___ = your municipality/county name). Not all municipalities have codes on keeping honey bees.

Click on the link and then conduct a search for "bees" or "beekeeping".    If there are any bans/restrictions, they should display. There are many communities that have adopted reasonablerestrictions on urban beekeeping.
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Here are a couple of samples to review:
Links to the municipal code for these communities may be found here:
1.  CIty of Overland Park, Kansas  (see TITLE 06 - Animals, 6.14 Beekeeping)  (Municipal Code
2.  City of Lawrence, Kansas  (pending update 11/17/2015 Municipal Code)
2.  Fort Collins, Colorado (Municipal Code)

  (Last updated 11/17/2015, rb)