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Celebrate the honey season by sending chocolate to the editor:  Not really!—she doesn’t need it. However, she does need your pictures and stories of success to share with readers, along with pictures and stories of what went terribly wrong to help us all better keep bees. Email them to our editor, Cheryl Burkhead, and thanks in advance.   

If you have a submission to include in our next newsletter, please complete this form. Entries must be received no later than three (3) days before the second Thursday of the month for inclusion on that month's newsletter.








    Sometimes it is good to spend a little time reading the old newsletters. It shows a window in time, and gives us a glimpse of how some things change and other things remain the same. Enjoy having a peak at some of the 'old' newsletters.



    What's new from our association Editor for 2020 - 2023

    For those dues paying members taking the newsletter via email, our Editor, Cheryl Burkhead is taking your close-up pictures of bees and blooming plants and sending a special edition with her email distribution of The Buzzer. Cheryl is asking for help from the membership. If you witness something blooming in your backyard, please email Cheryl Burkhead a picture and Cheryl will post the best in a special addition in monthly e-newsletter. Please include plant I.D., your name, where the picture was taken, and the date it was taken. Thanks for your help! Below is the current listing:

    "It takes me about 15 minutes to send the Buzzers by email. By email you get them in color! Send your request and in the subject line please type “Buzzer.” That way our Treasurer gets the correct email address and can easily add it to the membership list. Last month, December 2018,
     we sent 186 by USPS and 419 via e-mail. Overall, 32% of our members still receive the newsletter via USPS. 68% take the newsletter by email. Thank you to all members! 

    Not only does it take a lot of paper to mail the newsletter but it takes us nearly about 5 hours to fold, tape, label, and put stamps on the newsletters." 

    Be sure and add my email address to your address book so that it doesn’t go to your spam,   (Cheryl Burkhead, Editor The Bee Buzzer, 2021)

    As of December 2018, we have e-mailed 4,721 newsletters, realizing a postage savings of $2,361 for the year budget. It also saves wear & tear on our copier: drum, toner, paper, staples.... 

    For 2018, 2,120 newsletters were printed and mailed. Thank you for helping our volunteers. Thank you for the effort and savings!!


    In total, the association produced over over 6,841 newsletters for 2018. Thank you!

    Are you missing a newsletter?    Below is the archive of NEKBA monthly newsletters.  View or download.

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    The association provides a monthly newsletter that is informational, educational, and fun! Click on the links at the side to view "The Bee Buzzer" newsletter. The newsletter is how we announce our meetings, topics, locations, and timely advice, some cooking recipes, and other information.

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    About our The Bee Buzzer  monthly newsletter

    The markers 'Good Fellowship' and 'Good Beekeeping' first appeared on the April 1981 issue. 

    The queen bees first appeared on the September 1981 issue.  "Since 1948" first appeared on the January 1980 issue.

    ​More to come.....

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