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Small Hive Beetle(s) or SHB ...  While we are still learning how best to deal with this new problem in our geographical area, these links have been provided for more information that should be of interest to our members. You can also find more informative information from our presentations page (link).

**There is always a 'golden nugget' of information that we glean from our bee meetings. This was certainly the situation when we were introduced to Dr. Yong Park from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. He gave us valuable insights into his studies and workings with Small Hive Beetle at our KHPA Fall Conference. We have yet to see his information in any of the magazines yet but stay tuned! And, do not turn down a chance to see any of his talks!

  1. Handbook of Small Hive Beetle from Clemson Cooperative Extension (.pdf download)
  2. ​Managing Small Hive Beetles, Jon Zawislak, Univ. of Arkansas, Div. of Ag.  (.pdf download)
  3. Small Hive Beetle: A Potential Pest in Honey Bee Colonies in Oregon, Dr. Dewy Caron, et al (.pdf download)
  4.  MAAREC Small Hive Beetle Fact Sheet-Revised 2015 (.pdf download)​​​​

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Attention: Varroa Mites will kill your colony more than any other problem!.

Yes, it's that important to test and know your mite load. A simple powdered-sugar roll will let you know. The U of MN supported Bee Squad has an excellent way to test your mite load using the powdered sugar roll method.  All the equipment you need for a complete testing kit. Get it today! University of Minnesota Bee Squad.  Varroa Mite Testing Kit (click site link).                     

Great news! Here's the article from the March 2016 Bee Culture  Oxalic Acid Sublimation. You might agree with the authors of this study that this is the best practical tactic for mite control.

Here's a the most updated version of the guide "Tools for Varroa Management" (3rd Edition - February 16, 2016) by The Honey Bee Health Coalition.  Be vigilant in mite detection and keeping our colonies healthy from this tick-like problems. 

As quoted by Kim Flottum, Editor of Bee Culture magazine from August 2016 issue:              "It's August. Fall's here. It's time to take care of the bees that take care of the bees that go in to winter....Enjoy the bees, and enjoy the life they give you."  (page 90).

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