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from the archives - Beekeeper of the year awards


   "The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association have decided to have a Beekeeper-of-the-Year award. The majority feel that this will stimulate interest in the association and be an incentive to better beekeeping. ... The points to consider are based on the successful management of his or her bees along with their efforts in promoting the growth of our association."   (Re-printed from NEKBA’s "The Bee Buzzer"  April 1980 page 7  – no author given, Editor: Maynard D. Curtis, 1861 N 32nd St., Kansas City, KS 66104)


Each year there, is a beekeeper or beekeepers who stands out from the rest. Exhibiting qualities that inspire others, and helps our association, and the beekeeping industry.


Past NEKBA Beekeepers of the Year 

​1980: Maynard Curtis    of Kansas City, KS

1981: Willard Madole    of Kansas City, KS



1990:  W.B. Johnson

1991:  Marilyn Fight

1992:  Louis Hollenbeck

1993:  Vera Young

1994:  Melissa Ostermeyer 
1995:  Ed Bishop 
1996:  Don Hendrickson 
1997:  Wendell Ohmes 
1998:  Joli Winer 
1999:  Joy Young 
2000:  Merlene Eads 
2001:  Larry Coppinger 
2002:  Becky Tipton 
2003:  Kristi Sanderson 
2004:  Robert Burns 
2005:  Ray Morgan 
2006:  Cecil Sweeney 
2007:  Steve Tipton 
2008:  Michael Sinclair 
2009:  Ron Ward 
2010:  Joli Winer 

2013:  Al Abts 
2014:  Andy Nowachek 



2017:  Dale & Dixie Spurlin

2018:  Alex & Marlene Pantos

2019:  Jo Patrick


2021: Steve Messbarger

2022: Cheryl Burkhead

2023: John Edmonds

2024: *should be announced in November/December 2024