A short list of website links that we like:  

Honeybee Swarms in Kansas Kansas State University Swarm Contact List

Dynamic Queen Rearing Calendar provided by the East-Central PA "Susquehanna Valley Beekeepers" 
American Beekeeping Federation (ABF Link)  Your national beekeeping organization...

A comprehensive, condensed source on the varroa mite published by Bayer  www.beecare.bayer.com/varroa

Almost everything about Bees & Beekeeping  Bad Beekeeping
A great guide to beekeeping from the NE part of the USA Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research & Extension Consortium or MAAREC
Bee & Honey Information (German)  Honigbienen
Propolis Information (German)  Propolis
A great FAQ source for new beekeepers from our Kentucky friends  Kelley Bees
Our Home State Association in Kansas  Kansas Honey Producers Association
Our Neighbors to our East of KS/MO State Line  Midwestern Beekeepers Association 
Missouri's  State Association  Missouri State Beekeepers Association
Go Cats!  Kansas State University Research and Extension
Go Jayawks! Our Own Dr. Chip Taylor's Passion  Monarch Watch!
Discover the Natural Wonders of Honey  National Honey Board
Soapers! Our favorite source for essential oils in beeswax soap-making  Majestic Mountain Sage
Spokane, Washington Bee Association for the NW  lnland Empire Beekeepers Association
Support Clover  Clover Seed Information
Books! The Best in Selection for Quality Books on Beekeeping  Wicwas

Individual members' personal beekeeping websites
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Cecil Sweeney & Joli Winer, Spring Hill, KS  (website)

Robert Burns, Shawnee Mission, KS  (website)

Jim & Sharon Rowan, Norwich, KS  (website)

John & Beverly Speckman, Shawnee, KS (website)

National Beekeeping Supply Dealers
Betterbee "Partners in Beekeeping"   Greenwich, NY  (FB
Brushy Mountain    Moravian Falls, NC & New Columbia, PA  (FB
Dadant & Sons    Hamilton, IL & Branches  (FB)
Glorybee Beekeeping & Foods  Eugene, OR  (FB)
Mann Lake     Hackensack, MN & Branches  (FB
Rossman Apiaries, Moultrie, GA    (FB)  
Walter T. Kelley Co     Clarkson, KY  (FB)

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