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The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association (NEKBA) is a 501(c)(5) (tax-exempt, educational, agricultural) public charity based in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. You may review our letter of exemption from the IRS and verify our standing with IRS Publication 78, upon request. Our Constitution & By-Laws are available for review below on this page. Also available are board meeting minutes, upon request.

​​By improving regional and independent beekeeping practices through better husbandry and recognition skills of diseases and pest problems as well as and better colony management, honey production and pollination services increase significantly and so does beekeeper enjoyment and honey bee health in general.


On this page, you'll find a brief description of what our association is about. We welcome new members and supports.

We believe it is important to at least give you some more information about the association.  We are a Not-for-Profit IRC 501(c)5 (agricultural-educational) organization, run by dedicated volunteers, and supported primarily by membership subscriptions.  

The IRC status means that the association is a tax-exempt organization.  While donations are always welcome, under this status, they are not tax deductible as a qualified charitable contribution. However, your membership and magazine subscription(s) may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses. Please consult your tax advisor for further information.

The association was founded in 1948 to serve the needs of beekeepers with the object of advancing the education of the public in Apiculture. The organization’s activities are directed towards enhancing the interests of the honey bee and beekeeping. The year 2018 was our official 70th anniversary!

Beekeeping provides a never ending source of enjoyment and interest to an ever-increasing number of people of all ages and gender – who are taking it up as a hobby or a subsidiary source of income. 

For others who are already keeping bees, we offer support and advice towards succeeding. We strive to set high standards for the promotion of honey and other bee products, and ensure the best beekeeping practices.

We encourage membership and involvement in NEKBA, which is considered a local Kansas affiliation, and includes members from throughout the state of Kansas, and outside.

The Bee Buzzer is our official monthly publication to give you information regarding meeting as well as programs.

One of the member benefits is a 25% discount to the the American Bee Journal magazine when purchased through an association membership. The subscription price to Bee Culture is the regular rate.  The subscription rates are $27.65 and $32.00 respectively, good through December 31, 2023. Subscriptions are submitted monthly by the Treasurer. However,  you may subscribe on-line for print as well as digital version. 

We are here as a resource and know that the interest in beekeeping brings much personal satisfaction to our members.

Want to sign up, explore, or renew your membership? Click on the link to the right.

​We use PayPal with an integrated shopping cart system due to it's easy to setup and use. Most of our members are familiar with PayPal. We hope you find it simple and convenient to use. If you experience any issues or would like to leave a comment, please contact us by ​email:    

Your feedback is appreciated.   Thank you!

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​The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association is a 501(c)5 non-profit organization.