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What is Legislative Action: 

Legislative action means introduction, sponsorship, testimony, debate, voting or any other official action on any measure, resolution, amendment, nomination, appointment, or report, or any matter that may be the subject of action by either house of the Legislative Assembly, or any committee of the Legislative Assembly, ...

Special message - Action Requested. We need mobilizers! A pre-view copy of House Bill 2720

SPECIAL Message from NEKBA President, Cheryl Burkhead:

February 2024

Greetings Fellow Beekeepers
NEKBA President's Message.

Dear Beekeepers,
I am writing to urgently seek your support for House Bill 2720. This legislation was introduced by Representative Rebecca Schmoe of

District 59 on behalf of KHPA, NEKBA, and the beekeepers of Kansas on February 6, 2024. This bill aims to remove the requirement for a commercial kitchen license to sell extracted honey and honey comb in a retail setting, providing a significant boost to local beekeepers and entrepreneurs.

This bill was modeled on Missouri Bill 261.241, which was passed in 2015. Attached is a small PPT slide deck that Buck Bradley made to explain the current honey laws in Kansas and help answer questions about the proposed bill. Please see the attached contact information for the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, a link to House Bill 2720, and instructions on how to find your representatives.

Your voice is essential in ensuring the success of HB2720. By actively supporting this bill, we can collectively create a more supportive environment for local businesses and beekeepers. Our numbers are small, but when we stand together, we can have a big impact.
Thank you!

What are we asking you as our members:
1) Contact all members of the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources expressing support for HB2720.
2) Contact your representatives in the Kansas House and Senate expressing support for HB2720. Ask your friends, neighbors, and relatives to do the same thing.

1) Emails and phone calls are great, but if you are able to meet your representatives in person, that is best.
2) Add “Support HB2720” in the subject line of emails.
3) Please get in touch with your representative immediately. Their session does not last forever (mid- April), and there are procedural things that need to happen for this HB2720 to get out of committee, be voted on by both chambers, and be signed into law.

Key points to emphasize in your conversations or emails with your representatives when asking for their support of HB2720:
Local Business Support: Highlight how this bill directly supports local businesses by eliminating the burdensome requirements of a commercial kitchen license for retail sales. This change is crucial for small entrepreneurs trying to make a positive impact on our community and grow their businesses.

Honey is naturally anti-microbial: Honey does not spoil and is a non-potentially hazardous food.
Creates A Level Playing Field: Missouri beekeepers currently can sell honey in retail settings in Kansas without a commercial license because it is not required by their state law.

Economic Growth: Discuss the potential positive impact on economic growth. By removing unnecessary barriers, HB2720 paves the way for increased entrepreneurship and opportunities for individuals of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

Streamlining Regulations: Emphasize the importance of streamlining regulations to foster a more business- friendly environment. HB2720 is a step towards reducing unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles for small business owners.

Consumer Choice: Illustrate how this bill enhances consumer choice by allowing a broader range of locally produced goods to be available in retail settings, ultimately benefiting the community.

Useful links:
PS – Please consider sending a“Thank you” email to Rep. Schmoe for introducing this bill on our behalf.

HB2720 -

Missouri Bill -

House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources members – -HB2720 is on page 2 of the sponsored bills.

-Please see the attached PDF for their contact information.

How to find your Representatives –
- In the center box on the left side, there is a tab called “Find your Legislator” you can search by their name or address.

PowerPoint Presentation (pdf) on Honey Laws of Kansas, prepared by Buck Bradley. 

Thank you for your attention and action pertaining to this matter.


Re the Legislative Action: UPDATE 26Apr2024

We will work to reintroduce the bill during the next legislative session. We plan to start earlier in the session and get in front of as many elected officials as possible. We are confident that if we can get  the bill out of committee, it will pass both the House and Senate. Please let us know if you would like to assist us in that effort. Composed of 165 state lawmakers, the state legislature meets at the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka once a year in regular session. The Kansas Legislature consists of a 125-member House of Representatives and a 40-member Senate. The Legislature convenes on the second Monday in January for an annual session and generally adjourns in early May. 

We'll be ready for the 2025 session!

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