1. Beehive Woodenware (.pdf download MB)
  2. Managing Bees for Honey Production by Steve Tipton  (.pdf download 13MB)  
  3. Honey Plants by Joli Winer  (.pdf download 13.7MB)
  4. Honey Bee Diseases and Pests by Gary Ross (.pdf download 4.9MB)
  5. Integrated Pest Management by Becky Tipton (,pdf download 1.1MB)
  6. Fall Management by Cecil Sweeney (.pdf download 6.8MB)
  7. Urban Beekeeping and Kansas Honey Plants by Joli Winer (.pdf download 13.6MB)
  8. A Brief History of Beekeeping by Ron and Beth Ward from Bee FunDay 06 June 09 (.pdf download 4.5MB)
  9. Warre Hive Presentation at June 2015 Bee FunDay by Pam Kelly (.pdf download 24MB
  10. Slide Presentation of Oxalic Acid Vaporization Treatment October 2015 (.pdf download 31MB)
  11. Rosedale Intro to Urban Beekeeping Presentation May 2017 (.pdf download 28MB )
  12. Late Season Nectar & Pollen for the Landscape NEKBA Meeting September 2017 (.pdf download 28MB)

(You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the presentations. If you do not have it, please click on the Link button to download a free copy.)

PRESENTATION  & Publication info

Join for the benefits. We offer region specific knowledge, and support for all levels. A presentation is the process of presenting a topic to an audience. It is typically a demonstration, lecture, or speech meant to inform, persuade, or build good will. 

Some of our presentations from classes and publications of interest...


Package Bee Installation & OA Dribble info  (.pdf download)

NEKBA Best Practices - a guideline for members (.pdf download)

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  1. Handbook of Small Hive Beetle from Clemson Cooperative Extension (.pdf download 1.9MB)
  2. Queen Rearing Brochure from Univ. of Arkansas (.pdf download 792KB)
  3. Feeding Bees Sugar - Best Practices Fact Sheet from​ UK Government (.pdf download 358KB)
  4. Best Practices Guidelines: The Essence of Beekeeping from UK Government (.pdf download 390KB)
  5. Best Practices Guidelines: Bee Improvement (raising queens yourself) from UK Government (.pdf download 274KB)
  6. ​Best Practices Guidelines: Spring Checks from UK Government (.pdf download 755KB)​ 
  7. Managing Small Hive Beetles, Jon Zawislak, Univ. of Arkansas, Div. of Ag.  (.pdf download 424KB)
  8. Small Hive Beetle: A Potential Pest in Honey Bee Colonies in Oregon, Dr. Dewy Caron, et al (.pdf download 835KB)
  9.  MAAREC Small Hive Beetle Fact Sheet-Revised 2015 (.pdf download 379KB)​​​​

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