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Our Beekeeping AFFILIATES...

Other Beekeeping Clubs - National, State, and Local

​​National Beekeeping Affiliates
1)American Beekeeping Federation  W: 

The ABF our largest national beekeeping affiliation. Discover industry updates, ABF news, and much more!

The ABF, founded in 1943, is the oldest industry-wide beekeeping organization, representing all aspects of the industry - queen producers, researchers, honey producers, honey packers, honey importers, bee breeders, and even hobbyists. It has a membership of over 1,100 (2002) members from across the country. "The organization has the advantage of a broad heterogeneous membership, but it's millstone is trying to keep all those constituencies satisfied as the market shifts and domestic beekeepers come under more import presser." - Bees Besieged,(2005), A.I.Root, Bill Mares.

2)American Honey Producers Association  W: AHPA

​The American Honey Producers (AHPA) was founded in 1969 as a number of honey producers split off from the ABF over the issue of mandatory assessments to underwrite a Honey Industry Council, an early attempt at hone promotion. Led by the Adee family of South Dakota and Glen Gibson of Oklahoma, the AHPA made producer investments paramount. By 2002, the AHPA claimed to have 600-700 members. Our very own Kansas Honey Producers, formerly known as Kansas Beekeepers Association, was the very 1st organization to recognize the AHPA.

Kansas - State Affiliate
Kansas Honey Producers Association (KHPA)  W:

Kansas - Local Affiliates
New beekeepers are often advised to join a local beekeeping group as a source of information and assistance and to find out what is best-practice for their area. See our most current list of Kansas Bee Groups as-of April 2023 (download).

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Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association

​The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association is a 501(c)5 non-profit organization.

"The basic reason for any pursuit is to find happiness. Many persons seek it through wealth, power or prestige, and while some of them do find these things, it is doubtful whether they ever find more than specious happiness. The ancients who thought more deeply about happiness than we do, were unanimous in rejecting these goals as sources of it. They thought that happiness consisted of having a good demon, so they called it eudaemonia. There is no doubt that the honeybee has been my demon, and an immeasurably good one as long as I can remember. Happiness cannot depend upon the gifts of our fellows, nor upon their approval, for what they bestow today they can easily withdraw tomorrow. One’s happiness is, of course, something personal, something more his own than any possession. We do not all find it in the same way. Some never find it all. Possibly most never do, even when the means are at hand. But I have found my bees and all the countless things that I associate with them a constant and unfailing source of happiness. I know that not all persons are of this temperament. Some look upon this obsession of mine with incomprehension, some with amusement or curiosity, while I in turn pity them, for they lack the capacity for these particular joys so fulfilling to me." 

The Joys of Beekeeping – Richard Taylor  (November 5, 1919 – October 30, 2003)

American philosopher and beekeeper.   Here's a great blog about Richard Taylor.

​The local beekeeping associations are a great source of hands-on advice and support. Check this list for the association closest to you and show up at one of their meetings. All are welcome. Check the calendar page confirm meeting dates and locations.